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The Technology

We appreciate your interest to understand Matrix Concept and Know how MaRhythe is different from several therapy methods and equipments available in practice.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy®

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is invented by Dr Ulrich Randoll based on his research at Erlangen University, Munich Germany. Dr. Ulrich Randoll, developed the device at the University of Erlangen, Germany in the 1990’s. Dr. Randoll has earlier studied Dentistry and medicine and afterwards worked as an intern in various clinics in Germany and Switzerland. In 1989 he became Assistant Physician at the Department of Dental, oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Erlangen. There he encountered cancer patients whose tumour in the mouth and throat area were so large. That even after operative removal the chances of survival were minimal. He adopted the strategy of first trying to influence the rate of growth of the tumour by improving the overall conditions for the body’s normal cells – among other things by changing the patient’s lifestyle and nutrition, by increasing the oxygen saturation and improving the elasticity of body tissue on a systematic level. The successes were promising, so Dr. Randoll went on to observe living cells, taken from fresh tissue of patients, with the help of in-vivo video microscopy, and to study their reactions to external chemical and physical influences. This work was made possible by a 5-year research stipend for “Clinic-Linked Basic Research in Pain and Tumour Therapy”. The result pointed once more to the decisive role played by the external environment of cells (Extra Cellular Matrix) and Rhythmic pulsations of cells. To know more about Dr Randoll and his institute visit : www.dr-randoll-institut.de

Therapy for Extra Cellular Matrix( ECM ) & Rhythm of Cells.

According to research by Dr Randoll in healthy situations skeletal muscle cells and tissue oscillate rhythmically between 8-12 Hz(Alpha Rhythm). Dr Randoll also studied the environment around cells also called as “Extra Cellular Matrix” the space important for cell function. To re-establish the quality of extra cellular matrix and rhythm of cells that is lost during unhealthy situations Dr Randoll further developed “Matrix concept and Matrix Rhythm Therapy”

Unmatch Features of Matrixmobil® for Matrix Rhythm Therapy

  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy is only therapy today that works on extra cellular Matrix and Rhythm of cells and muscle.
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy is only therapy available that delivers Alpha rhythm the physiological frequency range between 8-12 Hz.
  • Matrix Rhythm Therapy is only therapy that delivers variable frequency according to the tissue characteristics therefore now it is possible for therapist to treat sensitive tissues and at critical situations.

Technology with Biological Dynamic Frequency.

In Living system there are never rigidly fixed frequencies. In case of human beings no one is similar from the point of mind & Body. From the medical point no human being is similar with standard fixed psychological and patho-physiological status. This variability is the best quality of nature and biological System that permits us to adjust with different situations. Dr. Randoll observed this variability at cellular level. He found cells are oscillating between 8 to 12 Hz (Oscillations per second) and not at any fixed number. Considering this fact Dr. Randoll developed Matrix Rhythm Therapy that varies frequencies depending on the tissue characteristics and overcome the limitations of conventional therapy methods.

There are many equipment’s with digital features but all work with rigidly fixed frequencies hence have limitations for applications, contra-indications and results.

Latest research of 21st Century.

Light weight applicator with universal resonator allows therapists to work longer hours and any part of the body. Very Handy, Light weight easy to hold applicator with universal resonator with magnetic effect benefit therapist to work on any part & tissue of the body. In critical situations & at any location.

Light weight applicator with biological frequency allows therapist to work for longer session without side effect to therapist and client. It’s a gives and take situation for therapist. The biological frequency devised to patient is same coming to therapist.
  • Unmatched safety.
  • Safe For Client.
  • Safe for Therapist.

Experience Therapy At Any Place.

German Technology highest quality of material used to build the equipment is robust for use in all environment conditions in-house or outdoor activities.

Over 9 Years practical experience of more than 1000 practitioners in India experience Matrixmobil® for Matrix Rhythm Therapy is almost maintenance free device even after usage of more than 12 hrs a day.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is most safest therapy equipments because of its natural biological frequency one individual can experience therapy with more than one equipment during a session.
This is not possible with any other therapy equipment available as on today.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is Certified class 2a Electro-Mechano & Magnetic medical equipment .
To View Certificate Visit www.marhythe-systems.de