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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is inventor of Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

    A - Matrix Rhythm Therapy is invented by Dr. Med. Ulrich. G. Randoll in Germany after his research at university of Erlangen, Munich, Germany. As an oral maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Randoll was doing several oral cancer surgeries but was not satisfied with management of pain even using best medicines and therapy methods. He decided to do more research on function of cells as the basic unit of body. In a clinically linked extensive research (1989-1997) Dr Randoll studied the cells of healthy and unhealthy living tissue using high resolution video microscopy. Dr. Randoll arrived at a conclusion that cells in healthy tissue oscillate rhythmically between 8-12 Hz. Dr Randoll observed this rhythmic movement in the tissue and muscle. Slowdown of cell rhythm was observed in unhealthy tissue that affects transportation of fluid and nutrition in the space outside the cell that is extracellular matrix. Based on this research Dr Randoll developed equipment Matrixmobil® to re set Rhythm of cells, tissue and also to improve the quality of Extra Cellular Matrix. Therapy is known as Matrix Rhythm Therapy.

  • What is importance of Rhythm in case of body?

    A - Movement is characteristics of living body. Dead or non-living structures do not have movement. In case of healthy living body all the movements are happening within specific period for example heart beats per minute, Menstrual cycle in days. Etc. As you know and experience, there is movement in our body as long as we are alive. When we are healthy, energized this movement is happening in harmony or in rhythm. All the organs and related systems in our body also have this rhythmic movement. For example: Heart is contracting and relaxing in specific frequency when this rhythm is lost we call arrhythmia then artificial pace maker is advised to regulate this movement. Our lung is contracting and relaxing; peristalsis movement of intestine happens in rhythm and same in every tissue, organ and system.

  • What happens if Cell Rhythm is disturbed?

    A-As you know to move or flow any object fluid or air, there is a need of movement. In our body we know there are liters of fluid, gases and several substances are moving, being transported. This is possible because of micro movements happening as contraction and relaxation as in case of heart we call it as pump. Pumping is not only characteristics of heart muscle but it is of every small tissue to keep the micro circulation happening in specific rhythmic manner. This rhythmic movement is needed to supply the oxygen, nutrition, even medicines and take out the used waste products. As there is Rhythm of cells, there is rhythm of tissue, muscles, organs and system. Life without Rhythm is not possible.

  • What is Matrix?

    A-In general Matrix is space or environment around living or nonliving objects. For non-living things this Matrix is only a space to accommodate it. In case of living, biological system this Matrix is of great importance because all the essential required molecules and substances are transported and exchanged in this space. To take food inside or take out waste material there is no pipe that enter in every living object, as trees, animals, birds, fishes etc. We all have to take it from environment and give in the environment. Quality of our life and survival depends on the quality of environment the Matrix we live in.

  • What is Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM)?

    A-Extra cellular Matrix is the space around every cell. This is the area for exchange and communication between the cells each other and its environment. Formation of ECM is essential for process like growth, wound healing and fibrosis. The system of the extracellular matrix (ECM) pervades the entire organism. Containing a network of connective and interstitial tissue, it is linked with all the cells of the organism. To be emphasized is the decisive role which the ECM plays in the entire micro-circulation of the body. In particular, the ECM connects each cell with the blood circulation system via the so-called capillary bed, i.e. the finest micro-vessels of the circulatory system, where a transition occurs from the arterial to the venous blood system. Together with the lymphatic vessels, which originate here, the ECM maintains the hemodynamics of the body.

  • How does Matrix Rhythm Therapy help in bone, joints and muscular pain?

    A-Our body consists of 45% of skeletal muscles, this is hugest organ of body. Consider your body without muscles. There will be no movement, no circulation, and no sensations. According to Dr. Randoll muscles are the processors of our body. If processor is not normal how can we expect the process to be normal? Your joints are supported by muscles. When these muscles become stiff the support becomes uneven. Stiffness for long duration allows bones to adapt new shape. Matrix Rhythm Therapy relaxes the muscles and provide environment for normal shape of the body. Matrix Rhythm Therapy helps to re establish extra cellular logistics that is removal of waste products and improve micro circulation of oxygenated blood. Relaxes muscle and enhance process of regeneration and healing.

  • What do I feel during the therapy?

    A-You get relaxing pulsating oscillations. There is no light, rays, heat etc. During therapy you feel that your muscles are becoming soft and supple. Your stiffness is getting reduced; there is significant reduction in Pain and improved range of movement.

  • How many sessions are required for complete relief?

    A-The total no of sessions required for complete relief depends on your health condition. It is not a medicine with fixed dosage. Matrix Rhythm Therapy initiates the natural healing process of your body. You will agree that every Individual has different health status though the complaint is same. You yourself will experience reduction in your pain and improvement in range of movements after a therapy session and plan your next sessions with your therapist.

  • What is the duration of one session of the therapy?

    A-Most of the therapies available are oriented towards the affected site e.g. shoulder joint, knee joint etc. But your one joint is connected by several muscle groups. So, an entire muscle group is responsible for the desired movement. The effect of treating only at one place will not provide long lasting result for e.g. the muscles responsible for movement of the knee joint are the muscles of the thigh (quadriceps, tensor fascia Lata, hamstrings) and are also assisted by the muscles of the calf and foot. Therapy provided only at knee joint will not help if these muscles are not treated. Not only this, but if there is pain in spine that may also alter the walking pattern and entire muscles of back and lower limb suffer. One session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is scheduled accordingly to treat the area involved in pain. Your therapist will schedule a session for you after a consultation.

  • What should be the interval between two sessions?

    A-Matrix Rhythm Therapy accelerates the venous and lymphatic flow and also enhances the metabolic process this can be experienced as soreness on the next day of the therapy, in such cases next session can be taken after interval of 3-4 days. However, individuals those who exercise daily or are in sports activity may not experience the same, in such cases the next session can be taken immediately the next day. It is also possible to do the therapy next day for other areas than those treated in the last session. For e.g. if you have taken a session for back today, the next day limbs can be treated.

  • Is the effect permanent?

    A-Once you start with the therapy sessions, the process of regeneration and healing enhances. As your pain is reduced, this should be combined with few exercises that will help to maintain the effect of the therapy. Hence the effect of the treatment is long lasting depending on how you manage it after the recovery. In simple words, “Use it or Lose it.”

  • Is any preparation required to undergo Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

    A-If you are planning to undergo a session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy you do not require any preparation. There is no need of hospitalization or anesthesia.

  • Is the therapy safe?

    A-Matrix Rhythm therapy delivers the physiological rhythmic Pulsations.MaRhyThe® is very safe therapy for all age groups, Safe for individuals with Diabetes, Hypertension. Matrix Rhythm therapy is safe during pregnancy. Matrix Rhythm therapy is safe even with orthopedic implant in the body. Special Non magnetic applicator is used for the patients with heart pace maker. Matrix Rhythm Therapy is not recommended in conditions where there are chances of any embolism. You must provide detailed history about your health conditions and medicines you are taking to your therapist.

  • What is the difference between MaRhyThe® and other therapies?

    A- There is vibration i.e. movement everywhere in the universe. In our body we have movement as long as we are alive. In healthy condition these movements are in normal frequency means in rhythm. Contraction and relaxation of your heart, lung, and peristalsis must be in rhythm, if not then we consider it is an unhealthy situation. Research by Dr. Randoll discovered the frequency of cells in our body. This frequency is responsible for normal function of tissue, organ and system. It is also responsible for recovery and regeneration of tissue. Matrix Rhythm Therapy delivers vibrations in this physiological frequency so it synchronizes with cellular frequency. Other equipments provide odd frequencies giving short term relief.

  • My problem is Neurological. How will Matrix Rhythm Therapy help me?

    A-Matrix Rhythm Therapy helps in various neurological conditions. Our brain cells require constant supply of fresh oxygen. We feel fresh, relaxed and energized in open area with oxygen rich air. Many serious Neurological problems are connected with interrupted or insufficient supply of fresh Oxygenated blood to Brain. Matrix Rhythm Therapy provide relaxation, improves micro circulation and increase oxygen rich supply of blood. This help even in nerve regeneration. Muscles relax, muscle tone improves, range of movement improves, and proper neuro feedback is communicated to brain. Moreover this happens without medicine without suppressing the cause and inhibiting natural process.

  • How Matrix Rhythm Therapy will for my Cerebral Palsy child?

    A-It is important to understand that your child suffered trauma during birth due to various reasons, one of which is lack of oxygen supply to the brain which has its effect on the entire body. Therapy only for a particular muscle group is not sufficient to make child perform normal movements. As movement is effect of coordination of multiple muscle groups, mobilizing only particular muscle group or joint will not help. We must consider body as a whole. What about neck muscles, axilla, spine, chest, abdomen, pubic area? Is it possible to have normal posture if these muscles are contracted? Application of Matrix Rhythm Therapy will relax these muscles. Activation of metabolic processes will improve overall performance of child. Range of movement will be improved and child will experience new free movement which will be registered in brain as an effect of learning for forever. Your therapist will be able to provide better training with relaxed muscle to train. Child will participate and enjoy physical therapy with pain free relaxed muscles. Moreover this happens without medicine without suppressing and inhibiting natural process..

  • I do not suffer from any problem. Can I take Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

    A-sure. Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a basic therapy to maintain our health status. We are enjoying the modern life style, facing stress situations, breath in polluted atmosphere, we experience disturbed rhythm. Matrix Rhythm Therapy will help you maintain your health. Take care of small ache and contractions. After all according to Dr. Randoll, “Life is Rhythm, Rhythm is Life.”

  • What are the other conditions that Matrix Rhythm Therapy can help?

    A-Matrix Rhythm Therapy is useful and effective in acute and chronic Pain and stiffness associated with orthopedic, neurological, vascular, sports, fitness injuries, geriatric (old age) complaints.