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In Biological systems there are never rigidly Fixed Frequencies, But only Frequency Ranges.
Matrix Rhythm Therapy developed with ability to syncrhonize with dynamic frequency of cells and produce Rhythm.
The heart of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a special therapeutic device which utilizes vibrations in the frequency range of the alpha rhythm (8–12 Hz) the frequency in which extra cellular matrix, cells and muscles naturally vibrates. Being the natural frequency range Matrix Rhythm Therapy relieve painful hardening and cramps in the muscles and make connective tissue more elastic and more permeable. This improves the supply of the cells with energy and nutrients, thereby restoring the effectiveness of the body ‘s own natural healing processes. This is why just a few treatments can often suffice to eliminate symptoms which have persisted for years. “As soon as the connective tissue and musculature have been mobilized, many problems go away by themselves”, explains Dr. Ulrich Randoll, who developed the device at the University of Erlangen, Germany in the 1990s Dr. Randoll had earlier studied dentistry and medicine and afterwards worked as an intern in various clinics in Germany and Switzerland. In 1989 he became Assistant Physician at the Department of Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Erlangen. There he encountered cancer patients whose tumours in the mouth and throat area were so large, that even after operative removal the chances of survival were minimal. He adopted the strategy of first trying to slowdown or stop the rate of growth of the tumour by improving the overall conditions for the body ‘s normal cells – among other things by changing the patient’s life style and nutrition, by increasing the oxygen saturation and improving the elasticity of body tissue on a systemic level. The results pointed once more to the decisive role played by the external environment of cells The Extra cellular Matrix. Dr Randoll introduced the term “Matrix Therapy” showing that every treatment is firstly focusing the environment of the cell before reaching the cell. Even chemo therapy, nutrition, antibiotics is Matrix Therapy.

The successes were promising, so Dr Randoll went on to observe living cells, taken from fresh tissue of patients, with the help of in-vivo video microscopy; and to study their reactions to external chemical and physical influences. This work was made possible by a 5-year research stipend for “Clinic-Linked Basic Research in Pain and Tumour Therapy”. With the help of video microscopy Dr Randoll worked on questions connected with differentiation and de-differentiation of cells. He focused on the natural rhythms of cells and drew essential implications for the rhythmic organization of the human body as a whole that he described it in his book “Matrix Concept”.

As he did not find such a tool on the market, he constructed prototypes combining magneto-mechanical waves in a coherent physiological way. They should work in a parasympathetic manner to harmonize derailed cellular processes. He called it Matrix Rhythm Therapy. As the extracellular Matrix has a defined physiological rhythm range (8 -12 Hz) that is derailed in a diseased state a Rhythm Therapy in this range had to be developed to rearrange and synchronize the derailed rhythms. That was the beginning of Matrix Rhythm Therapy, optimizing cellular logistics to start the healing within and having no side effects as well. This “Regenerative Medicine” is internationally accepted as a basic part of modern Systems Biology.