Feedback from some of Eminent Matrix Rhythm Therapy Practitioners.


Dr.Milind Joshi Orthopedic Surgeon, Solapur

“ In My opinion the soul of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is rehabilitation of individual cell of which the human body is made of . ”

Dr.Sandeep Bhagwat Physiotherapist, Solapur

“With Matrix Rhythm Therapy it is now possible to deliver specific frequency at the cellular level to produce a macroscopic change as compared to other modalities till date”

Dr.Aarti Prasad Physiotherapist, Bangalore

“In Ramakrishna Hospital, with Matrix Rhythm Therapy we majorly treat patients with acute or chronic pain and stiffness. We have also succeeded in achieving good results in patients with non-healing ulcers in approximately four sessions. Neurological and Orthopedic conditions like nerve injuries, slipped disc etc have also been treated conservatively by the conventional physiotherapy but we have seen remarkable changes in the improvement with Matrix Rhythm Therapy in short span of time”

Dr. Meenakshi Pandit Physiotherapist, Pune

“The Therapy has combined the whole phenomenon of movements, flow and environment together in such a way that it regulates the disturbances at all the levels.”

Dr.Varun Naik Physiotherapist, Belgavi

“Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe)is an orchestra for cells to dance(oscillate)in synchronized,coherent and rhythmic manner in their environment to facilitate harmony between tissue structure and their functions.”

Dr.Snehal Deshpande Physiotherapist, Navi ,Mumbai

"Matrix Rthymus Therapy helps in immediate increase of the muscles extensibility in hams and gastrosoleus muscles in hypertonic cerebral palsy. ”

Dr. Pranjali Dhamane Physiotherapist Kolhapur

"Revolutionary device in physiotherapy which effectively deals with the conditions related to musculoskeletal system."

Dr.Devrajan Subramanium Physiotherapist,Chennai

“The Matrix Rhythm Therapy is fantastic treatment. The patient feels very good after the first therapy session itself. This is indeed a great treatment approach for patients with chronic pains especially in their neck, back and shoulders. I enjoy working with the Matrix and the results are wonderful. Thankyou, Dr. S. Devarajan, Sri Krishna Physiotherapy Centre, Chennai”

Dr. Vinoth Devarajan Physiotherapist,Salem Tamilnadu.

“This Therapy is very unique for all kinds of problem at one machine.The treatment is beneficial and appropriate providing long term , immediate benefits in pain management has a cure for all severe aches and pains. After Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy , muscle improve flexibility and automatically the cells improves oxygen level, absorption of nutrients and increase the production of ATP. The joint can move freely beyond the joint limits. "Muscle dancing positive Vibration."

Dr.Harish Kumar Physiotherapist, Mylapore, Chennai.

“I am using Matrix Rhythm Therapy for past 1 year and it has changed my perspective of handling a patient. It has increased the spectrum of a physiotherapist as a clinician.It has opened up our scope of exploring many different conditions were physiotherapist were failing. It gives awesome results for pain and restricted movements after every single session. In simple word "Matrix Rhythm Therapy is golden feather for every physiotherapist crown.”

Dr.Prashant Naik Physiotherapist, Belgaum, Karnataka

“Matrix Rhythm Therapy has added new dimensions in my clinical practice. I am using it since a year an it been a magical tool in treating a patients. The ultimate goal of a clinician is to see his patients get recovered with his treatment and Matrix Rhythm Therapy has definitely made me achieve this goal to fullest. Be it pain be it decreased range of motion be it reducing headaches be it reducing spasms sprains sciatica posture improvement also new dimensional also skin conditions wound healing.ITS WORKING. I wish every physio should experience the affects that this machine can give to patients and bring back the lost smile. It accelerates the rehab program and promotes early return to activity without any pain. I am blessed to have this tool in my clinic and Love treating patients with it. Thank you.”

Dr.Anita D'Souza Physiotherapist, Goa.

“Every session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is really helping the body move freely. Thanks to Dr. Randoll Sir where he made to help specially disable children's and all other people with several health issues that doesn't have solution with morden medicine.Matrix Rhythm Therapy is great hope for such people.”

Dr.Pawan Joshi Physiotherapist, Belgaum,Karnataka

Matrix is Magic. “Very much happy to use Matrix-Rhythm-Therapy. As it suggests Life is Rhythm and Rhythm is Life. It is giving wonderful results in all the cases and able to prevent the disability , especially in rural and urban areas. Initially it was Sparsh Physio the healing Touch but physiotherapist insisted to make it . THE MAGIC TOUCH .

Dr.Manisha Talpallikar Physiotherapist, Solapur Maharashtra.

“I have been using Matrix Rhythm Therapy since last 8 years. I have been getting wonderful results in various cases including pain,post operative stiffness and ulcers. This device is like a magic wand which is helping me treat my patients more efficiently when combined with good exercise therapy. Many thanks to Dr. Randoll for giving such great invention to this world.”

Dr.Farukh Khan Physiotherapist, Pune Maharashtra.

“After introduction of Matrix Rhythm Therapy my practice got totally changed from ordinary therapists to some extra.This technology not only given better results but also open my mind to accept new changes coming in technology and mode of treatment. i greatly thanks Dr. Randoll Sir , Dr. Sandeep Bhagwat Sir and Mr. Anil Deshpande for gifting such a fabulous device.”

Dr.Monika Kothadia, Solapur Maharashtra.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a boon to Physiotherapy." It is almost 6 years since. I am using Matrix Rhythm Therapy ... and i have been seen amazing results in a variety of cases, especially non-healing ulcers, Adhesive capsulitis,post operative stiffness of elbow and knee ,acute muscle spasm, long standing QA knee etc..the list is long .I am happy to get back the smile on my patients. I sincerely thanks to Dr. Randoll for this amazing contribution in field of medical science. ”

Dr.Gururaj Kulkarni Physiotherapist, Chandrapur,Maharashtra

“It is amazing,shows significant improvement in patients along with exercise,when patient has lost hope of recovery.”

Dr.Amit Mitra Physiotherapist, Bhavnagar.

“Matrix Rhythm Therapy is very helpful to reduce spasticity in children with cerebral palsy.We are using this German made machine for last 8 years and numbers of children with cerebral palsy were avoided corrective surgery and maintain the daily life activities as usual.”

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