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Matrix Rhythm Therapy India

Yes! It makes a huge difference
As mentioned in pages Researcher and Research, it is important to note that the purpose of Dr Randoll’s research was not to develop any medical equipment. During his research he tried several technologies including biophotons (commonly known as laser), sound waves, pulsed electromagnetic field, microcurrents and many more to study the behaviour of cells in response to stimuli. Till now none of the medical device’s manufacturer did research at this level before developing existing therapy equipments.
Matrix Rhythm Therapy is not a digital equipment:

In the era of advancement in technologies, medical equipments are being manufactured with digital features for precise delivery of set parameters. In comparison to that, Matrix Rhythm Therapy equipment looks like a very old-fashioned vibrator. The digital technologies are very much required as in case of surgical interventions to deal with structural health issues. However, according to research and Matrix Concept, living system is complex and dynamic, In living system there are never rigidly fixed frequencies. Matrix Rhythm Therapy equipment is developed with an ability that can synchronize with dynamic frequencies of cells. This is the reason Matrix Rhythm Therapy developed by Dr. Randoll is outstanding technology of this century.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is different from any other technologies in its working principle, research and results. Being natural, physiological frequency corresponding to rhythm of healthy cells and tissues. Matrix rhythm therapy is very safe at any age, individuals with implants, in pregnancy or in individuals with severe health issues. Many technologies have limitations and are not safe in these situations.