About Us

Mr.Anil Deshpande

International Medical Technologies, Mumbai.

It gives us an immense pleasure to provide revolutionary therapy method ‘Matrix Rhythm Therapy’ researched and invented by Dr. Ulrich Randoll, Germany. The only therapy method that is available to reestablish the rhythmic pulsations of cells and tissue.

Facing the challenges in 21st century every individual on the planet is living under stress of survival. Stress because of competition, ambitions and uncertainty in day today life. Globalization opened boundaries for communication and information also changed life style. Such emotional and psychological factors disturbed the natural rhythmic clock of body. Every individual is showing concern about changes in environment that has affected quality of food, water, air. All such factors started disturbing the physiological conditions of our body and we see sharp rise in the number of individuals with diabetes, hypertension, depression, cancer, hormonal imbalances, ovarian cysts etc. These changes at initial level starts with minor cramps, spasm, fatigue, loss of stamina etc. Considered as a result of some physical activity. Overlooked or managed with routine medicines, exercises we observe relief from symptoms. In the later stage these erupt as major health issues demanding special treatment like surgery or medicines for life time. Most of the treatment methods either block certain chemicals, add externally supplement, block nerve sensations or alter signals to provide symptomatic relief.

Several therapy methods in physiotherapy, Alternative medicine, naturopathy etc focus on improving micro circulation and quality of muscles in various forms of waves like sound waves or micro currents for muscle and nerve stimulation, heat, laser or radiation, provide relief in pain and relaxation of muscles. Manual therapy methods, yoga stretches the muscles, helps to improve the range of motion and flexibility. These methods are effective with certain limitations especially in chronic conditions.

Our search for a therapy method that can help individuals are for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation stopped at Matrix Rhythm Therapy. The extensive research carried out by Dr. Randoll and further development of Matrix Rhythm Therapy has opened the possibility to see the unhealthy situations from different perspective hence it is a completely Paradigm shift! From the side of diagnostic methods, even the most modern and advanced diagnostic methods can only report disturbances of rhythm of heart but do not report any unhealthy condition as the disturbances in rhythm of cells and tissue. Therefore, other than pace maker for heart, none of the treatment or therapy is available as Matrix Rhythm Therapy for Rhythm. According to us ‘Matrix Rhythm Therapy can be considered as natural pace maker for cells!’

We feel blessed and honored to introduce Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India. The introduction of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is from 2009, millions of Individuals experienced and are enjoying the benefits of this therapy. We thank Dr Sandeep Bhagwat, PT, Dr Pranjali Dhamane, PT and Dr Bharati Parikh, PT for their pioneering contribution in introduction of therapy in India.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy by Dr. Randoll being a latest development in the past decade, we provide various opportunities for learning through our seminars and continuing education program for medical practitioners throughout the country. With the support and cooperation from MaRhyThe systems GmbH, Germany, we regularly organize basic and advance training programs on Matrix Rhythm Therapy in India as well as in Germany at Dr. Randoll’s Institute, A nonprofit organization for Matrix Research and education, Munich, Germany.