Attention - Be Careful
Ask for "Matrix Rhythm therapy" not just
Matrix Therapy

As Matrix Rhythm Therapy becoming very popular with very high successful results we understood medical practitioners & patients are being misguided & cheated by offering wrong product or therapy as "Matrix Therapy". That may not produce desired result or may produce side effect.

Kindly Note:

  1. Matrix Rhythm Therapy is researched, discovered, registered & patented therapy by Dr. U.G.Randoll, Germany.
  2. Matrix is space, environment while Rhythm is movement that defines life.
  3. Rhythm is matching or synchronization of variable frequencies. Only Matrix Rhythm Therapy can generate Rhythm as it works on variable frequency and not fixed frequency.
  4. Only Matrix Therapy means only working on space without restoring rhythm.
  5. Matrix Rhythm Therapy is not digital technology. It do not harm or produce any side effect as it maintain the natural variability of body with its natural modulated variable frequency and harmonic wave forms.
  6. Matrix Rhythm Therapy only can synchronize and restore Rhythm of cells, tissues, muscles between 8-12 Hz essential for physiological processes.
  7. Matrix Rhythm Therapy is certified class 2a medical equipment.
  8. Matrix Rhythm Therapy is not just vibration therapy.
  9. For any information contact: 9820751159

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